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The most difficult work you could do as a student is writing a good dissertation. It is for this reason that online writing agencies have come up to assist students who cannot write their own dissertations. The problem with writing a dissertation poorly is that students could fail in your course and end up ruining their future. This does not have to happen though, as there is online dissertation help you could access.
To get assisted with your dissertation, you can do the following:

Suggest a topic

When choosing the topic for use to base your dissertation on, consider these factors.

  • Relevance – Always pick a topic within your academic discipline or field.
  • Scale – Ensure that your topic can be researched with the available resources and get finished on time.
  • Interest – Ensure the topic is interesting and has current data.


This is a brief part of your thesis or research that summarizes the whole paper.


This is the section that lets you mention people who gave you support when you were compiling your dissertation. To compile this section easily, you should read other people’s acknowledgements and ensure they were in the same field of study as you.

Content pages

This is where sections and sub-sections of your dissertation will be included. Content pages showcase the structure of your paper.


This part answers why you have chosen to study your topic and why the topic is relevant to the reader. The reader should understand your approaches to the topic as soon as they read your introduction. So it is prudent to add an outline of pre-existing theories that are related to your topic. As you feature theories, ensure you relate them to your research.

Literature review

Academic papers such as dissertations have unique literature reviews. So you should:

  • Explain the current state of research in your discipline.
  • Check to see if you need to consider some related topics.
  • Compare and contrast views from different authors.
  • Group authors that specifically draw similar conclusions.
  • List missing points in research and demonstrate how your study correlates to former studies.
  • Your conclusion should summarise the content of your literature.

A Chapter on Methodologies

Here the writer should state how their research was done. So methods, materials and tools should be listed here.

Results and Findings

The most vital thing is to check your reporting style.
Then present an initial overview of the findings/ results and then a comprehensive explanation.
You can describe your findings in detail. Ensure that your prose is correct.

Correct order to follow when listing results

  • Discussion: This is where you can assess your research in relation to other broader contexts. You should consult your rationale for the research, and explain how your thesis has built on it.
  • Conclusions: This is where you need to add new things that your study has found concerning the topic in questions and how you can interpret them.
  • References: When using a number system, it is good to list your reference in the order of citation. If you cite publication, using the name and year system, you should list your references alphabetically.


Each appendix section is usually dedicated to certain information and can be added to the end of a dissertation.  These should, however, be featured in the text of your paper.

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