Discuss your impressions and perceptions of the satire or handout.

Watch Don McMillan’s You Tube clip “Life After Death by PowerPoint” at

Go to YouTube to see this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbSPPFYxx3o or read the following handout at death_by_ppt_POD_handout.doc. is attached to this assignment please read


Discuss your impressions and perceptions of the satire or handout. Be sure to: (a) identify the specific bad habits noted, (b) discuss the reasons for their incorrect usage, (c) note your own experience with using PowerPoint, and (d) record your observations and recommendations for using PowerPoint appropriately.

Your well-written paper must adhere to the following parameters:

3  pages in length, not including the title and reference pages.

2-3 references cited in the assignment. Remember, you must support your thinking/opinions and prior knowledge with references; all facts must be supported; in-text references used throughout the assignment must be included in an APA-formatted reference list.

Please follow all the instructions the way they are written.be very careful not leave out anything that is being asked for.


12 font double space and make sure references are in proper place.


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