discuss why this composer is important (what did he or she contribute to music?)

5 pages double spaced
12pt font
include a works cited page (not part of the 5 pages of content)

Write an essay on a composer listed on the syllabus(i will list them below)( i should choose only one )
1- Duffy
4- Bernart de Vent adorn

Essay needs to include:
biographical information about the composer
discuss why this composer is important (what did he or she contribute to music?)
what genres did he or she compose
pick 1 or 2 famous pieces by the composer and discuss how the pieces were innovative, unusual, why they were famous, etc.

Any books you use on the composers will be fine. Be careful with internet sources though! NO WIKIPEDIA! Internet sources must be using the New Grove Dictionary or Oxford Dictionary online or scholarly journals like JSTOR or musical magazines. A lot of the time if you look up a composer in the New Grove or Oxford (there is an electronic version and a book version) and look at the bibliography that will help you get started as to what sources will provide helpful information for you.
Listen to the piece(s) you are discussing!

Use at least 1 source that is from a book(Introduction to Western Concert Music by Armand and Michael Lee).

Have AT LEAST 3 sources total for your paper. You can definitely have more!

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