Discuss specific observations/examples from the performance:

A theater paper which will due in 1 PM today. 3 pages word document with MLA format. Choose one of the performance I show in below and write a reflection.


1.  What engaged you during this performance? What disengaged you? Why?


2.   Discuss specific observations/examples from the performance: acting, directing, set/costume/lighting/sound design,

and audience.


3.  Cite and apply specific ideas/theories from Theatrical Worlds to back up your observations/opinions/assertions.


4.  How do you see this play relating to the Rites. Rights. Writes. Theme “It’s  your Nature”? Be specific.


5.  What did you learn about yourself and theatre as a result of viewing this performance and completing this

assignment?  Be specific.



Here is the performances

3. Godspell- Friday- Saturday, October 16-17 and Friday- Saturday, October 23-24. Friday’s performances are at 8pm and Saturday’s performances are at 2pm and 8pm. Mathile Theatre in Schuster Center. https://my.ticketcenterstage.com/single/EventListing.aspx?k=87

1. Last Night in Harlem- Friday-Saturday, Oct. 30-31 in the Raymond L. Fitz Hall Black Box Theatre, Times: TBD https://www.udayton.edu/artssciences/academics/theatre/productions

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