Discuss critically the ethical issues around tourism and hospitality research.

You have been asked by a hotel chain (of your choice) to develop a CSR and Risk Management strategy. The use of theory and supporting evidence is essential throughout the report. The strategy you develop must take into consideration the following considerations.

1. Introduction 945 – 1,155
LO1.2 Critically evaluate the differences between the public, private and voluntary sectors in tourism and hospitality.

2. A detailed overview of ethics and an evaluation of the key ethical considerations for the business you have selected, considering both management and marketing perspectives 945 – 1,155
LO1.1 Critically evaluate ethical concepts and issues and apply these to the tourism and hospitality industry.
LO 2.2 Provide a critical evaluation of ethical decision making and the adoption of ethical concepts such as Fairtrade.
LO 3.2 Discuss critically the ethical issues around tourism and hospitality research.
LO4.1 Critically evaluate ethical issues for tourism and hospitality marketing.
LO 4.2 Critically analyse contemporary ethical issues in tourism and hospitality.
LO 4.3 Critically evaluate business decision making in the context of ethics.

3. A detailed evaluation of the risks that the selected business may be exposed to and recommendations, underpinned by theory to manage and mitigate these risks 1,575 – 1,925
LO 2.3 Critically assess business risk management in a particular tourism and hospitality context.
LO5.1 Critically evaluate levels of influence and power amongst a wide range of stakeholders.

4. An in-depth and creative approach to CSR demonstrating ways in which the business can contribute operationally and strategically to the triple bottom line (financial, environmental and social sustainability). 1,260 – 1,540
LO1.3 Critically evaluate ethics in the context of sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility.
LO5.2 Critically evaluate the notion of the Triple Bottom Line.

5. Proposed CSR and Risk Management Strategy 1,575 – 1,925
LO 2.1 Critically evaluate decision making at different levels of an organisation.
LO 3.1 Critically assess market research needs and appropriate data collection methods.
LO 3.3 Identify and propose appropriate methods of market research for tourism and hospitality.
LO5.3 Develop a critical awareness of the scope of business decision making to justify strategic pla

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