Did you demonstrate that you thought about what you learned?

The paper must be original. This means that you have written it entirely yourself. This also means that anytime you use someone else  words or information (even if paraphrased in your own words), you properly cite the quote in the body of the paper and in the references.

3. The paper should be 3-6 pages in length. As you know, when I state length requirements, there is a good reason, and I always look for this in grading. A 3-6 page paper is relatively short by academic standards, but it should give you enough time to explore your topic and fully discuss your four sources and your own experiences (or observations) on the topic. Papers shorter than 3 pages will not receive full credit. I recommend that your papers be no longer than 10 pages. If you are having any problems with these requirements, email me right away and  see what you can do.
4. The paper must be on one of the topics provided in Week 4. You should stick to this topic and make sure you cover some aspect of it well. Papers that are not on one of these topics will be returned with a grade of zero. Most of you already picked a topic in Week 4, but here they are again for your consideration:

This is my Topic
Family communication and new technologies (e.g. telecommuting)

5. You must use information from AT LEAST FOUR sources. These sources must be cited correctly in the paper and on the reference (bibliography) page. I did not grade your citation style in Week 4, but I will grade it in the final paper. As was stated in the Week 4 assignment:
“You may utilize any library (land-based or online) for this assignment. Papers should be written in an academic format with appropriate citations (MLA or APA style). At least FOUR resources are required. I suggest that you review the web page for assistance with citing your sources. MLA and APA links are located on the right side of the screen.
owl.English.purdue.edu  owl.English.purdue.edu/

6. The paper should be well-organized and demonstrate a collegiate-level of effort and thought. This is listed last, but it is certainly not the least. If your paper meets the previous five requirements, you are ready to concentrate on content. Here are the questions ¢ll be asking myself as I read your work:
Is your work a blend of what you learned from your research sources and your own observations and experiences? Is it more than just an opinion paper?
Did you cover your chosen topic well?
Did you demonstrate that you thought about what you learned?

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