(Describe the results, where the findings significant?)

Many consumers are using alternative treatments such as manual healing methods. It is important that nurses are able to research and read the available research on these therapies and discern if these methods are beneficial and safe for consumers.

Using the library, search for a research article on manual healing methods. The article should be on the use and research of 1 type of manual healing method (such as massage, chiropractic, pressure point therapy, or acupuncture).

Select 1 article, and write an article critique by answering the following questions:

What is the study about? (Explain the purpose—what the intent was).
How was the study done? (What was the “N”? N = sample size. Describe what interventions occurred in the study.)
What were the results of the study? (Describe the results, where the findings significant?)
What additional questions might I have?
How can I use this study? (Describe how you might use this information in your clinical practice.)

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