Define the term consequence(s). What are three consequences you might use in your classroom?

According to the uploaded chapters please answer the following questions ( write the number of each question before its answer), use simple word and writing style:
Questions A:
1. Your school wants to improve teacher and parent communication of classroom management systems. Since you are such a great communicator, your principal wants you to explain the behavioral approach to a group of parents (representing low to high literacy levels) in a community center in their neighborhood. Explain in a straightforward way 2 key concepts. Also, be sure to discuss two concerns that parents might have about the behavioral approach (no educational jargon please).
2. What benefits do students gain when teachers implement assertive discipline in the classroom? By the same token, what concerns might you raise about that philosophy and/or its implementation?

Questions B:
1. Identify two ways that the behavioral model differs from assertive discipline.
2. Give a brief scenario of how a teacher might use the Premack Principle.
3. Describe an ethical concern that a teacher or parent might have with assertive discipline and an ethical concern with behavioral approach to changing student behaviors.
4. Define the term consequence(s). What are three consequences you might use in your classroom?
5. Give an example of how you would use positive reinforcement in your classroom and an example of how you would use negative reinforcement.
6. Why should a consequence immediately follow behavior? Give an example

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