Create a proposal for a research project.

Create a proposal for a research project.
This must research an area related to customer loyalty (see the Kotler and Keller extract
below for guidance), and how it might affect the Luxury Fashion Brand sector.

The proposal must contain the following sections

1.Introduction No more than 200 words. Give a brief description of the topic to be discussed
and what the proposal will do.
2.Literature Review To include references to the Kotler & Keller chapter listed below, and no
fewer than three relevant articles from academic journals. This section will contain all of
the concepts needed to create the research questions.
3.Research Questions These must be clear and answerable using the research methods in
the next section. If using quantitative methods, provide a testable hypothesis. If using
qualitative methods, do not use hypotheses.
4.Methodology Use this section to describe two research methods that will help you answer
the research questions. You must describe which objects (or persons) your research will
target, and how you will choose the sample. Also describe what information you plan to
get from using these research methods and give a basic idea of the analysis you will use.
If you are using a questionnaire or interview, do not include the questions within the
methodology. Put them in an appendix.
5.List of References
6.Appendices (if needed)

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