Compare McCandless, London, and Krakauer. What do they share in common?

1. Talk about McCandless’ quest for identity.
2. Discuss the idea and meaning of living a pure life in nature.
3. Talk about McCandless’s background / privilege and how or why he left it behind.
4. Consider that one’s desires might lead to obsession and note if this is true for McCandless.
5. Talk about his rebellious nature and relationship with family.
6. Compare McCandless, London, and Krakauer.  What do they share in common?
7. What is behind McCandless’ need for creating Alex’s profile?
8. Talk about the benefits to society by creating biographies and documentaries? Focus on a particular theme from the book to illustrate your point.
9. Talk about classification and how McCandless transitioned from white collar to blue collar.
10. Talk about the hunter and gathering culture and why they did not go solo. Connect their existence to McCandless’.

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