Can I outline my set of assumptions and beliefs before the significant learning experience and those that followed the experience?

Study Proposal
hard copy proposal with your beliefs outlined (from both before and after the experience).
Your case study proposal should be written as an academic essay, and it should answer the following questions:
• What experiences in my life lend themselves most easily to an examination of the belief structures before and after the experience?
• Am I comfortable reflecting on this experience and writing about it? Have I avoided topics that are too painful, too recent, or too private?
• Can I handle the topic in the time remaining in the course?
• Can I outline my set of assumptions and beliefs before the significant learning experience and those that followed the experience?
• Do I have a preliminary hunch about whether the transformation involved is one of meaning perspective(s) or meaning scheme(s)?

• In the case study, you will apply transformation theory in a way that is particularly relevant to you. This project is an analysis and evaluation of transformation theory.

• SOURCE Memoir, J. (1991). Trans formative dimensions of adult learning. San Francisco: Jessey-Bass Publishers.
TO BE FOLLOWED AFTER so please read this before starting the proposal
• Assignment 3: Case Study
Length of Paper: Your completed case study should be at least 5000 words (25 word-processed or typed pages, double-spaced).
• Introduction
• The case study is the main project for this course. In it, you are asked to apply Mezirow’s concepts and analysis to a concrete example from your own experience. As Mezirow suggests, transformations in meaning perspectives are not all that common; however, shifts in meaning schemes are relatively common. The case study assignment requires that you analyze a transformation in meaning perspective or meaning scheme. This transformation can be one from your own life; one that happened to someone you know well; or one that happened to a group or community with which you are familiar. It may also be possible to complete such an analysis from a biography or autobiography that lends itself to this type of analysis.
• The idea is to use Mezirow’s model to analyze the transformation and then to evaluate your impression of the model’s effectiveness in capturing the essence of the transformation. Mezirow’s model, itself, is a way of creating meaning from experience. You may wish to refer to Mezirow’s discussion on “Outlines of the Transformation Process” (p. 167).
CANADA based
Background on topic: living with an alcoholic farther until the age of 15years old, beat mother, having only mom, 1 younger sister 8 years apart
living in an apartment, not having alot of money, scared for our lives at many times
profiling before and after this situation
HOw its made me a better person and a better parent now of 2 kids son, and daughter. my expectation

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