Briefly explain how you intend to apply developmental theory and research to policy and community in your program.

For your initial post, choose one of the following topics in the area of childhood development to research and discuss:
•Corporal punishment


•Attachment parenting

As a psychology professional, you have been asked to provide a caregiver with your professional opinion regarding how issues related to your chosen topic may influence short- and long-term physical, cognitive, or psychosocial development in his or her child.

Using the Ashford University Library, research three peer-reviewed articles that were published within the last 10 years on your chosen topic and that either support or challenge aspects of your chosen issue. Evaluate the unique scholarly perspectives found in your research and describe the validity and reliability of the results presented. Using the three peer-reviewed articles, identify your professional position on the topic including whether or not you believe the incorporation of this element will have a positive effect on the child’s development. Apply this research to major themes of development influenced by your chosen topic and explain how the literature supports your chosen stance. Your explanation should take the form of a persuasive discussion intended to help the caregiver respond positively to your advice as a psychology professional. Analyze any ethical considerations discussed in the research and their effect(s) on the trends related to your topic. Include the complete references for your three articles at the end of your initial post.

Part II

Prior to completing this interactive assignment, please read the final Program Proposal guidelines in Week Six and review your work in the assignment from Week Two. You may also review the Federal Program Inventory for ideas on creating your presentation

For this interactive assignment, you will present a synopsis of the program you began working on in the Week Two assignment to your classmates. For this presentation, you will create a screencast presentation of up to 5 minutes in length. You may use any screencasting and presentation software you choose. (Quick-Start Guides are available for Prezi, Screenr, Screencast-O-Matic, and Thinglink for your convenience.) The presentation must include the following required information taken from the Program Proposal assignment, which is due in Week Six.
•Title Information:

◦Program title

◦Target population

◦Geographic location

◦Agency you represent

•Purpose Summary:

◦Briefly propose your solution(s) for the contemporary issue you chose in Week Two.

◦Briefly explain how you intend to apply developmental theory and research to policy and community in your program.

•Organization Description and Qualifications:

◦Explain what qualifies the agency to create this specific program (education, experience, history, etc.).


◦Use information from one of your chosen studies to describe why your program is necessary and appropriate for the chosen group.

◦Present a brief summary of the relevant research published within the last 10 years explaining human development in the context of both historical and current trends.

◦Provide a short evaluation of the unique scholarly perspectives and research in the field of developmental psychology as they relate to the specific program being proposed.

•Program Narrative and Procedures:

◦Briefly describe the program and its introduction to your community. Include a short analysis of any ethical considerations for the deployment of the program using elements of developmental psychology research and practice to support the suggested implementation.

•Program Timeline and Cost/Benefit Assessment:

◦Explain when you think the program will become “active,” how long will it run (or how often), and one way in which your program’s benefits outweigh costs to the community.

•Program Evaluation and Expected Outcomes:

◦Explain the expected outcome(s) from your program and at least one method you will use to assess the outcome(s).

Use a presentation tool of your choice to create a visual presentation that includes the required information as well as compelling imagery related to your program. Each image must be retrieved and cited based on current copyright laws. You may wish to use the PSY605 Where to Get Free (and Legal) Images guide for assistance with accessing freely available public domain images and/or images licensed through Creative Commons. Keep in mind that the goal is to persuade others that this program is both necessary and creative. Regardless of the mode in which you create your presentation, eye-catching visuals can be very powerful. You are encouraged to be creative and choose images you feel help to highlight the positive aspects of your proposed program.

Create a script for your verbal portion of the screencast, in which you walk your audience through the important points of your program. Include APA citations within the body of the script. Utilize a screen casting tool of your choice to record a screencast of up to 5 minutes displaying your visual presentation as you read your prepared script. It is highly recommended you practice reading through your script while displaying your visual presentation before recording your final product.

In the body of your initial post, include the title of your program and the link to your screencast presentation. Attach your visual presentation and your script with APA-formatted references to the initial post before submitting it. If you use an online presentation software such as Prezi, you may include a link to the presentation in the body of your initial post.

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