Are there concurring or dissenting opinions, what do they say?

swers the question:
Who is the plaintiff?
Who is the defendant?

Is the litigation civil or criminal?
What remedies are sought?
What is the result in the trial court?
and/or the appellate court,

What happened? Briefly state the facts relevant to the decision.


What rules of law are applicable?

Issues: What issue(s) is/are presented for decision? (The answer to this will give insights into the real issues involved.)

What are the decisions? Who won, and what did he/she win?

Rule of
the case:
What general rule does the case lay down?

What reason does the court give to justify its decision?

Concurring &
Are there concurring or dissenting opinions, what do they say? If none; N/A.

What key legal terms were used and what do they mean?

1. What problems or advantages does this present for the Safety P

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