And why do you think that Shakespeare uses so many 3s instead of any arbitrary number?

Paper details:
POSTS 13, 14, 15, 16

POST 13 Act II


POST 15 Act IV

POST 16 Act V

Every post requires two responses.

When you do Posts 13 – 16, i.e. Acts II -V

Remember to begin with a thesis statement, which always includes title of play, writer,

two sentences telling what’s the most important in the act, and then your personal opinion or feeling about what’s happening.


You can start something like:

Act II (or III, or IV) in Shakespeare’s play The Merchant of Venice, tells the story of…. (or focuses on, or relates…

Remember: the most important (to your opinion) quote + signal phrase, plus in-text quotes – with citing: only act, scene, page: (Act II, iii, p…)

Then always end with a conclusion or summing up your post.

In addition while doing your posts make an effort to answer at least some of the following questions:

1. Who is the protagonist of the play?

2. Who is the character that represents the title: The Merchant of Venice?

3. What is the role that money/wealth/gold play in the life of each character and in driving the plot.

4. Love vs Money which is more important and which dominates the play?

5. What is the role that the number 3 plays in the story (as it often does in fairy tales). How many of these triplets can you find? And why do you think that Shakespeare uses so many 3s instead of any arbitrary number? Do you think he planned it and if so, why?

6. Shakespeare calls this play a comedy. Many readers feel the play is a tragedy. What do you think and why? Can a play be both a comedy and a tragedy?

7. Is Shylock a comic or a tragic character?

8. Is Shakespeare anti-Semite? Is the play anti-Semite? Or, contrary, is the play critical of anti Semitic behavior?

9. Do some characters in the play express anti-Semitism, what we call today Ã

10. Is the trial fair?

10. Is Shylock punishment fair?
Please fallow her instruction and also make it easy for me to know what act you are writing then put the answer and the number, as like…act act 2, act 3 …then answer, then when answer her question put 1, ..answer, 2 answer so i know how to give it to her , pleasw use the book , not the internet,you have to use The Merchant of Venice Dover Thrift Edition
thank you.

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